Mental Health Therapy

and Education.

Aliviane envisions a community where hope is instilled in individuals suffering from addiction by embracing their voice, easing their journey, and engaging their family as they discover their own path of recovery.


As a partner of the FRC, they provide youth curriculum for Life Skills and Positive Action open to the El Paso community.

EHN leads behavioral and developmental services in the El Paso region ensuring access to quality services, advocating for a better quality of life, and providing strength, hope, and recovery for persons with mental illness, and intellectual or developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders.


As a partner of the FRC, they lead the Community Recovery Center, and offer mental health therapy for our registered participants. 

CASFV has been providing hope to those individuals seeking a new future for more than 40 years. They know that violence takes many forms, and they have the expertise to help people heal. They can assist by providing guidance and empowerment to leave unhealthy situations and providing the tools needed for recovery.


As a partner of the FRC, they provide educational workshops and 6-week long courses on healthy relationships, parent support groups, and bystander intervention. All courses are open to the community.

The mission of Family Service of El Paso is to deliver mental health services that improve the life, health, and wellbeing of individuals and families in the El Paso community. Family Service is uniquely suited to serve local clients from nearly every demographic.


As a partner of the FRC, they provide mental health therapy for our registered participants.

EPCGC improves the health and wellbeing of children and families in a safe environment through mental health services, education, and awareness across El Paso County.


As a partner of the FRC, they provide mental health and educational workshops open to the El Paso community.

NAMI El Paso provides advocacy, education, support and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental health conditions can build better lives. They envision a world where all persons affected by mental health conditions experience resiliency, recovery and wellness.


As a partner of the FRC, they provide mental health educational workshops on a wide-range of relevant topics. All webinars are open to the community.

Body-Movement Therapy.

Deborah Grado

Deborah Grado is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher and wellness advocate who began her yoga journey in 2010. Through a combination of alignment and energetic based cues, Deb encourages vulnerability and curiosity to turn inward while exploring the physical self without judgement.
As a partner of the FRC, Deb teaches gentle yoga every Tuesday and Thursday. These classes are open to the El paso community.

The mission of WTRA is to provide mental health and wellness support to Responders, their families, and their employing agencies through informational, educational, social, and clinical channels.


As a partner of the FRC, WTRA provides yoga classes for first responders affected by the tragedy of August 3rd.

The YMCA of El Paso is a diverse organization of families joined by a shared commitment to strengthen community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. In El Paso, the YMCA has been part of the community for over 134 years providing programs that support wellness, character and leadership development, education, family services, and other community-centric activities.  


As a partner of the FRC, all registered participants are eligible for a free membership at all locations.

The YWCA El Paso del Norte Region stands for a fully inclusive community in which each person is healthy and valued, and where racial justice, gender equality, and human dignity are promoted and sustained through bold and effective women’s leadership.


As a parter of the FRC, all registered participants are able to attend select classes for free at some locations.

Nontraditional Therapy.

Compadres Therapy provides equine facilitated activities and therapies to persons in the borderland community with special needs including but not limited to those who are physically, intellectually, or emotionally challenged and/or who are economically disadvantaged or anyone who would benefit from the experience of the human animal bond.


As a partner of the FRC, Compadres Therapy provides registered participants with Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies to help them cope with the events of August 3rd.

Creative Kids is a nationally recognized non-profit organization that positively impacts specific populations of children in the communities they serve through purposeful visual art education.


As a partner of the FRC, Creative Kids hosts the Resiliency Art Project every Saturday morning to provide an outlet for registered youth participants.