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Navigating Resiliency

Our Resiliency Navigators are truly the heart and soul of the El Paso United Family Resiliency Center (FRC) and throughout this episode we’ll learn more about their role at the FRC and how they help anyone that has been impacted directly or indirectly by August 3rd.

In this episode, we discuss how our Resiliency Navigators connect individuals and families to programs and services that address their specific needs. However, we also learn a little more about their backgrounds and philosophies behind their work at the FRC.

NAVIGATION- THE HEART OF THE FRC When I started my role at the FRC, I was told Resiliency Navigators were going to be part of our team. It was the first time I heard that job title. I thought—“why not call them case managers? It would be easier that way.” Yet, now I understand that the work of the Resiliency Navigators goes beyond case management. Their work is more than filing paperwork and completing intakes. They pour their hearts with every case that they open at the FRC. That’s when I understood the difference.

At the FRC, navigation is connecting participants and community members with resources that promote long-term recovery and resiliency. Our Resiliency Navigators provide referrals to an array of services focused on behavioral health, emergency basic needs, legal services, spiritual care and financial stability.

In a sea of community services our Resiliency Navigators provide guidance in each of our participants’ individual journey to healing and recovery.

DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS, SAME PASSION The FRC is comprised of five Resiliency Navigators and in this episode, we get to meet three of them, Jamie Fierro, Jesus Ramirez and Alberto Ruiz. Our Resiliency Navigators have different backgrounds and expertise but share the same love for our community.

Jamie Fierro, a child advocate and a loving mother, has an extensive background in children’s education. Her expertise has been truly beneficial in supporting minor participants. Jamie provides valuable tools and information for parents and families that are enrolled at the FRC.

Jesus Ramirez, a veteran and father of two, has a background in nonprofit work. His knowledge about resources and his past experience with Big Brothers, Big Sisters has served our team well.

Alberto Ruiz or “Betito,” as I like to call him, worked at the Mexican Consulate of El Paso, before joining the FRC team. Beto truly understands our bi-cultural community and its something he incorporates in his work daily. His extensive knowledge on community resources has been a huge asset for our team.

Our team is truly comprised of passionate helpers.

BUILDING RESILIENCY AS A NAVIGATOR Throughout my interviews, I’ve learned that everyone can have their own relationship and definition of resiliency. Everyone’s journey to building resiliency can be different. However, our navigators share with us one thought—resiliency is built when we help each other.

Our Resiliency Navigators tells us how they’ve found encouragement in other partner agencies who have the same purpose as us-- help and improve our community. The tragedy of August 3rd will not define our community; however, it will forever be an example of community, unity and strength. I’m truly honored to be working with such caring and hardworking people, they remind me of the meaning of resiliency every day.

THERE’S POWER IN SEEKING HELP Our Resiliency Navigators would like to make a call to the community members; If you were impacted by August 3rd directly or indirectly, please contact the FRC. It is okay if we don’t feel strong all the time, but we can feel united. We are never alone.

Press play and take a listen to learn more.

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